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MAUI MELLOW | Maui Coffee - 12 oz


Product Description

Tasting notes: Vanilla, walnuts, raisin and roasted cacao, with the floral sweetness of honey and earthy maple syrup. Mellow and smooth. 

Farm: Ka'anapali
Varietal: yellow caturra
Processing: washed & natural, dried-in-fruit

Roast: medium
Perfect for: drip, espresso, drip, with dairy or black

Cost per cup: 0.49


This is a gentle, breezy coffee grown off the slopes of Maui's west mountains.

Maui Mellow is a blend of coffees processed via both the washed and the dried-in-fruit / natural methods, whereby the cherries are dried on the trees then shaken loose at harvest. In Maui's hot sun, the cherries dry quickly and the coffee beans are tightly wrapped in the residual fructose of the fruit. Later, after harvest, the dried fruit is hulled away from the green beans and a gently fruited, low acid coffee remains, ready for roasting.

The ripe, juicy qualities of this yellow caturra variety, in combination with the natural processing method and Maui's unique terroir, create a sweet and mellow, full-bodied Hawaiian coffee.

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