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Product Description

Tasting notes: honey, vanilla, mandarin, fig, and golden raisin; buttery, syrupy texture; slightly caffeinated. 


Brewing: By weight: 1g cascara for every 15-16g hot water. By volume: 3 Tbsp cascara per 8 oz hot water. Brew with 205-212 F water for 5 minutes. Strain & serve. 

Size: 4 oz

Cost/serving:  $1.20 - $1.35

Origin: 100% Puna, Hawaii-grown
Farm: Big Island Coffee Roasters


Coffee Cherry Tea is the sweet burgundy skin of the coffee bean, sun-dried into a flavorful, lightly caffeinated tea. 

To produce, the entire coffee cherry is first sun-dried on large drying racks. Throughout the 14-20 day drying process, the cherries are hand-sorted for consistency and level of ripeness. After drying, the whole cherries are cured for up to 4 months, where the flavors soften into honey and vanilla, and deepen into raisin and fig. Finally the whole cherry is dry-milled to separate the dried coffee cherry fruit from the green coffee bean. While the green coffee heads to the roaster, the dried cherry skins are sifted and stored for drinking. This cherry tea includes fragments of the natural parchment skin from the coffee bean, which adds syrup & honey-like flavors.

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"It's bright and fruity, but the acidity is soft and restrained in such a way that allows one to experience the sublime sweetness of the the tea...

Looking for a special adult beverage? Try adding a shot of Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon to the iced tea (or any whiskey you have, but we like how the fruity/caramel profile of the Four Roses melds with the Cascara's fruity flavors) - we call it the Big Island Iced Tea ;-)" 

- Andrew & Victoria of CaldwellCoffee.com 

Product Reviews

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  1. Delightful, quality discovery!

    Posted by Pasha M. on 7th Jul 2015

    Thank you BICR once again for another top-quality offering.

    The tasting notes are spot-on and its a real treat hot or iced. Planning on giving a few bags away and dreading the inevitable shortage this will cause once my friends clamor to order more....



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