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Product Description

Tasting notes: Pecan, caramel, cinnamon and butter with juicy elements of apricot, vanilla, a long, sweet finish.

Origin: Ka’u District, Big Island
Varietal: typica, caturra
Processing: washed
Roast: medium
Perfect for: lovers of juicy, lively, sweet coffees; filter, pour over, french press; pair with toasted nut and/ or cinnamon rolls



This year we've cupped (tasted) roughly a dozen lots from several different farms and micro-climates covering the three primary growing areas within Ka'u: Cloud's Rest, Wood Valley, and Pear Tree. 

And among the dozen we've cupped, we've selected and blended the two highest scoring lots: one from Wood Valley and the other from Cloud's Rest. While their strengths are different, they compliment each other nicely: bright, long and juicy fruit tones meet with a medium-full body and savory-sweet, caramelly depth. Together they share a long, candied sweet finish, which coats the teeth and sides of the tongue. 

Both farmers are excellent and attentive - getting regular soil analysis' and transitioning to no-spray. One farmer had been selling his coffee cherry to a local mill, but gave it up due to instability in the cherry market. For the awesome attention he pays to maintaining a healthy farm and perfecting his harvesting practices, it was a shame his coffee was blended with less-attentive lots. So we are very happy to offer his Ka'u coffee to you.

The combination ripe-red harvesting and skillful washed processing makes this delicious, buttery-sweet Ka'u coffee an absolute knockout.

We aim to source the highest quality Ka'u coffees available - 100% specialty grade* and selected solely on the merits of it's quality year after year. By virtue of being one of the few micro-mills in Hawaii, we're able to keep our Ka'u coffee in the parchment state until it's ready to roast, meaning our selection remains fresh and retains better character throughout the year.

* Specialty Grade refers to a quality score given my a certified Arabica Q-Grader, deeming a top grade coffee. 

All coffees are roasted to order with roast dates stamped on the bag.


"Just tried your Kau coffee at Morning Glass on Oahu. Seriously some amazing stuff!"  -Maria A. on Oahu


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